Hair Brush Comb - LED Laser Hair Regrowth

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Hair Brush Comb - LED Laser Hair Regrowth

Product Description

This is the Hair Brush Comb - LED Laser Hair Regrowth, which works perfect if you need to grow hair, and would like your hair to grow back again.It also works as a Hair massager.
Widely used in Hair salons across the UK. To promote scalp health and better hair quality.
Effective to hair lose caused by immunity maladjustment.
To balance and regulate scalp grease.
Stimulate hair follicle to quicken hair growth.
To quicken scalp blood circulation and metabolism.
Laser to stimulate hair growth.
Promote hair growth, nourish hair and strengthen hair
Promoting scalp health and improving hair quality
Adjusting oil secretions
Stimulating the hair follicles
Accelerating blood circulation of scalp and promoting metabolism

Product Package

Gift box package
USB charging
Voltage: AC100-240V/50HZ,5W
Size:   19.5*4.5*5.5*CM    
Color: Silver
Material: abs+stainless steel
Item: laser hair comb

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