Permanent Laser Hair Removal - IPL Epilator Device

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Permanent Laser Hair Removal - IPL Epilator Device

Product Description

This is the permanent laser hair removal device for women. It is designed to permanently remove unwanted hair from the body. It protects your privacy by allowing you to experience hair removal safely and comfortably in your home, while making it easy to use. Experiments show that the beauty instrument can safely and effectively remove the hair and prevent hair regeneration; to achieve permanent hair removal effect, thus eliminating the duplication of the tedious and traditional hair removal way to bring the pain.
•Applicable color: for all races
•Applicable to hair: apply to all hair color except white hair.
•Scope: hairy, coarse hair, hair too close, too fast growth and so on.
•Applicable parts: Apply to the hair around the outside of the eye.
Some parts in the hair removal will have a slight pain, the following is the commonly used parts and recommended treatment duration

Photon produces photo-thermal and photo-chemical effects of biological stimulation, the dermal layer of collagen fibers and elastic fibers rearrangement and restore elasticity; enhance vascular function, improve skin micro-circulation, so as to eliminate wrinkles, reduce the treatment of pores. Photon can effectively stimulate the skin collagen regeneration, so that the skin is more smooth and delicate.
Applicable parts:
the body(face operation, be sure to wear eye protection to protect the eyes).
Application: Can be used to improve the skin and skin texture caused by skin and skin problems, such as small wrinkles, large pores, rough skin roughness, acne scars, Roseau (hyperglycemia), hyperglycemia scar, dark circles and other issues, the skin recovery Luster and elasticity to regain younger skin.

Due to the normal tissue and lesions contained in the pigment group properties, depth and volume are not the same, the light absorption and temperature rise is also different. Use of their temperature difference so that lesions of vascular damage, pigment rupture, decomposition, so as to effectively treat the lesion, without damage to normal tissue. Applicable parts:
the body (face operation, be sure to wear eye protection to protect the eyes).
face, Roseau-like blood vessels, spider nevus, port wine stains, etc., can also be used for
the treatment of pigmented lesions such as freckles, age spots, coffee spots and drugs Or inflammation after the color Shen, dilute the yellow freckle.

This unit is very popular in hair salons used for permanent hair laser removals and hair laser facials.

Please note: We will provide full manual guide and EU plug for connection.

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